your host and guide through our creative journey with the school


I’m a successful working artist, writer and visionary…



I’m from a tiny village on a hillside on a Scottish island…


…and now  I run a famous Arthouse in an Italian medieval quarter.

My colourful career has spanned several fields of research, and many countries…

6busting through resistance.JPG

and my artwork is in collections around the world.

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Alongside my painting practise, I’ve been running creative retreats, and inspiring others to live their dreams, via blogs, TV, books and interventions, for at least  25 years.

Most importantly I have never compromised my vision, or my deep spiritual values. My work has always been non-commercial, and therefore has been allowed to bloom and flourish into the abundant happiness that it is today.

Artistic potential is like a great tree which has its roots deep in the right soil, and its branches stretching up into a benign climate: in the right environment, we can become the fullness of what we were born to be.

real art brings... quote_2.jpg

A REAL artist knows that art is a lifetime commitment, which will reap an extraordinary harvest if it has a strong taproot in the right place.

I’m here to transmit to the world how art can bring equilibrium to literally all areas of our lives – both individually and collectively – how real art can transform, and take us to a deeper, more conscious reality.


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