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using art to 

know ourselves,

find our purpose in the world,

and bring more depth, colour and meaning into our everything

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Step by gentle step, move into your immense, happy artistic potential

The RSOA will guide you from

very first authentic mark-making

through how to gain confidence and focus,

and on to a thriving, sustainable creative lifestyle!

Art is THE greatest secret that has been kept from the masses for literally millennia: exploring our artistic potential is one of the most accessible practises available to us right now, to transform our reality – to harvest our energy, find our identity and inner peace, and know our profound place in the world as a powerful creative being.


Taking our unique creative genius into our own hands is like

plugging into the core of the universe:

Istantanea 2 (15-09-2016 20-09)

We open doors that we never thought existed, find experiences that we never knew possible, and we realise that an immense amount of energy can flow outwards from our own inimitable genius.

Istantanea 1 (26-02-2017 09-15)

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On the RSOA first edition:

If the course carries on to be as good as the first section I will be over the moon it has been fabulous so far, really well thought out, easy to follow and really interesting.  I can see that a lot of work has gone into it. I love these myth busting notions…..I was going YES! and ABSOLUTELY!

(Lesson three) OH Wow.  It was so wonderful to hear these words.

you magnified it all for me how LACKING (conventional art school) all was…..how on earth was it acceptable to have these male tutors validating and judging our work and coming from a female, feminine perspective.

(Lesson four)  Lovely to be drawing again.

(Lesson ten) Perfect.  This is exactly just what I need to explore and do

Really grateful and excited to be addressing these issues with such a well researched and informative programme and lovely person.


Sue Corr, Scotland


I have been following Clare for some time now after listening to an interview with her. I am so happy to follow her! She is such a sentient being and artist… Yes, she is a real artist for me living her purpose and thinking freely and creatively outside the box… This is balm for my soul! She stepped into her creative power and I am sure she inspires others to do the same 

Katharina Andrea, Austria